Nutrition and dieteticsNutrition and dieteticsNutrition and dietetics

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Coming to hospital

Meals & nutrition

Eating well can help avoid malnutrition and other complications such as bed sores and falls.

What we do

Each day you'll be given a menu card to order ahead for three meals.

Your meals will be chosen for you if you're unavailable or unable to choose for yourself.

If you're in theatre or having tests, your chosen meal may be altered automatically to fit in with your schedule.

Tell your doctor or nurse if you have special dietary or religious requirements and you'll be referred to a dietitian.

Due to food safety regulations:

  • Do not bring in food from outside the hospital if it needs to be heated
  • Refridgerate food which must be served cold

What you can do

To ensure good nutrition during your stay:

  • Fill out your menu on time each day so you get your chosen meal
  • Keep your bed table clear for meals
  • Bring dentures to hospital and make sure you’re wearing them
  • Check with your nurse before having food brought in from outside

Tell your nurse if you:

  • Have any food allergies and special dietary needs
  • Eating difficulties, such as trouble swallowing
  • Need help to complete your menu, eat meals or open food and drink packaging
  • Have lost weight without trying. Ask to be weighed weekly.
  • Have been eating less than half of your usual food