Internship at Austin Health

In 2022, Austin Health will have 65 internship positions available, including one position dedicated to an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander candidate.

At Austin Health, our internship program is developed to provide you with well-structured and highly supportive teaching, training and clinical experiences that will enable you to consolidate and develop both your clinical knowledge and technical skills.  

Key to the continued success of our program is the support and care we provide to our interns throughout the year and in the early but vital introduction period to working in the public health and hospital system.

Austin Health provides a comprehensive 5-day orientation and ongoing education program for all our interns, and have well supported peer and mentor programs in place to support the transition from medical student to intern.

We also have in place a unique role for our interns; the intern support officer. This well thought of position provides "real-time" support to our interns in their first week of after hours and weekend work from a colleague who has just completed their internship, and so understands all the jobs that an intern needs to do as well as the likely questions and anxieties a new intern may have.

Prospective Intern Information Session

Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are not able to conduct in-person information sessions for 2022 Medical Internships.

However, we did have online 2022 Intern Information session on Tuesday, 4 May 2021 from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.

Thank you to everyone who joined the information session, we hope that you found it informative and we were able share a bit about The Austin with you.

For a copy of the presentation and Q&A from our Intern information session, click here.

Intern Application Process

Intern positions are appointed through the Intern Match process conducted through the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV).  Therefore, applications must be made to both Austin Health and the PMCV.

Application Process and Requirements:

1. Refer to PMCV website for Allocation and Placement Service (APS) guidelines and dates, and register with PMCV APS.

2. Apply to Austin Health via our Careers website.  Applicants will be required to complete our online application form and upload a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV) and a non-clinical/professional reference.  We will access your clinical referee reports through the PMCV APS.  After completing and submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.

Please note:

a) Please use the 'Standardised CV Template' OR ensure that your CV includes all details as per the standardised template.  Click here for a copy of the template.

b) We will not require academic transcripts for 2022 intern applications, even if you are applying from interstate.  

3. Applicants will also be required to complete an online video, via the platform avilable through the PMCV APS. Video interviews can be recorded between 4 June and 6 June 2021, please see the PMCV website for instructions.

4. Applicants will be advised via email of the outcome of their application following our shortlisting process.

Please click here for a copy of our Application Guide and FAQs for further information.

Important Dates

Applications Open: 4 May 2021
Applications Close: 4 June 2021
Interview Review Notifications:     18 June 2021
Interview Reviews: 18 June -2 July 2021
Priority Group 1 Offers: 12 July 2021
Priority Group 2 Offers: TBA
Priority Group 3 Offers: TBA 
Intern Orientation (5 days):  10 January 2022
Internship Commences: 17 January 2022

Intern Rotations

Intern Rotation Type Hospital
Breast Surgery Non-core Austin
Cardiac Surgery Non-core Austin
Emergency Medicine Core Emergency    Austin
EndocrinologyRheumatology  Core Medicine Austin
ENT Surgery Core Surgery Austin
Gastroenterology Core Medicine Austin
General Surgery (Colorectal) Core Surgery Austin
General Surgery (Hepatobiliary)  Core Surgery Austin
General Surgery (Upper GI/Endocrine)   Core Surgery Austin
Liver Transplant Unit Core Medicine Austin
Orthopaedic Surgery Non-core Austin
Psychiatry Non-core Austin
Radiology / Liver Transplant Unit Non-core Austin
Spinal Medicine Non-core Austin
Stroke Medicine Core Medicine Austin
Urology Core Surgery Austin
Vascular Surgery Non-core Austin
Acute Aged Care Core Medicine Heidelberg Repatriation
General Surgery Core Surgery Heidelberg Repatriation
Rehabilitation Medicine Non-core Heidelberg Repatriation 
Emergency Medicine Core Emergency Echuca
General Medicine Non-core Echuca
Emergency Medicine Core Emergency Mildura
General Medicine Core Medicine Mildura

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