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Accessible parking for over-sized vehicles

How to book accessible parking if your vehicle is more than 2.1 metres in height and what to do when you arrive.

If your vehicle is over-sized, there is availability for over-height vehicles in the Harold Stokes car park and outside of our Emergency Department at Austin Hospital.

Booking accessible parking

To make a booking for an over-height vehicle you need to call the Car Parking Office on 03 9496 4512, or email

When you arrive

Harold Stokes Building

  • If your spot is booked on Level 3 of the Harold Stokes Building forecourt, enter the carpark from Burgundy Street.
  • When you arrive, let staff know by pressing the intercom (located prior to entering the roundabout) or calling 03 9496 4512.

Austin Hospital Emergency Department

If your spot is booked out the front of the Austin Hospital Emergency Department, enter the carpark from Burgundy Street.

Map showing car park entrances

Over-sized vehicle accessible parking map showing entrances on Burgundy Street, the location of the intercom and the parking bays

Intercom at entrance to car park at Harold Stokes Building

Location of Harold Stokes Building car park intercom

Accessible parking bays

Harold Stokes Building level 3

Location of Harold Stokes Building accessible parking bays

Austin Health Emergency Department

Shows the accessible parking entrance to Emergency

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You can also download the information from this page as a factsheet.