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Is your pet helping you through the pandemic?

New research by Guide Dogs Victoria has found that four out of five Australians rely on their pets for emotional support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our staff shared how their pets are helping with their mental health and wellbeing during this time. 


ICU Clinical Support Nurse/Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hannah Davey with her new puppy Georgie

“Georgie is a chocolate Labrador and is 14 weeks old. Georgie has been a great support during lockdown! She’s playful and cheeky and keeping me very busy while i'm not at work. She allows me to appreciate the simple things and always puts a smile on my face.”


Rheumatologist, Alberta Hoi and Iggy on their favourite spot on the couch

“Iggy is a Groodle (Golden Retriever Poodle) and has just turned one. He is like my third child in the house. He loves to see other dogs on TV. After a long day of telehealth consults, nothing raises my spirits more than a cuddle with this furry cutie pie.”


COVID-19 Screening Clinic Lead, Allyson Manley and Narls

“This is Narls. She’s a grand old dame who is a kelpie/Belgian Malinois. Narls meets me at the top of the stairs and won’t let me in until I’ve patted her. If it’s not enough, she’ll grab my hand until she’s happy.”

Chief People and Culture Officer, Anna Phillips

"Lotte is my third child- the baby in the family and as such gets away with everything! In return she has provided so many laughs and brought great joy over this challenging time.”

Digital Communications Specialist, Tessa Young, with her daughter Emily and one of their chickens

“After the first lockdown, we got Spirit and Cocoa, who I refer to as our mental health chickens. They’re happy affectionate little beings, and it's very meditative to sit and watch them scratch around and make contented noises. I love their little waddle when they run to greet me and how they try to follow me everywhere. They bring joyful simplicity to my life at a time when I really need it. AND they lay eggs!”

Chief Librarian, Michele Gaca with her 16-year-old kelpies Mara and Brando

 “I am grateful every day for my 16-year-old kelpies (working dogs) - they make me move, walk, go outdoors for sunshine. They tell time – no walk by 11 am - then they knock on the study door.They have an excellent work-life balance (food-walk-sleep-pats- repeat) perspective!

Sustainability Coordinator, Stephanie Lai with Nimue

“Nimue has enjoyed around the clock company, and despite being a terrible cuddler, she always enjoys pats. We have enjoyed sitting outside together - I find it really calming to sit in the garden and have her nearby in a patch of sunlight."