A/Prof Elif Ekinci with patient in clinicA/Prof Elif Ekinci with patient in clinicA/Prof Elif Ekinci with patient in clinic



GP & Hospital Primary Care Liaison Unit

We improve communication between GPs and Austin Health to improve patient outcomes

About us

The Hospital Primary Care Liaison Unit (HPCLU) provides assistance to Austin Health staff, the GP community and primary care agencies to develop links and opportunities for collaboration.

The focus of the unit is on improving communication to improve patient access to services and outcomes. 

GP Liaison Officer

Our GP Liaison Officer, Dr Wendy Fisher, provides a consultancy service across Austin Health to develop and improve communication between our services and General Practitioners. 

Contact us

Hospital Primary Care Liaison Unit (HPCLU)

Dr Wendy Fisher is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays to answer any GP-related questions.

Phone: 9496 4137
Email: hpclu@austin.org.au

Other key contacts for GPs

Specialist Clinic appointments

If your enquiry is about a patient's Specialist Clinic appointment (for example: to find out the date of an appointment or if there has been a change in your patient's condition), please contact our:

Specialist Clinic GP Liaison Nurse
Phone: 9496 2533
Email: gpopreferral@austin.org.au

Discharge summaries

Before requesting a copy of a discharge summary, please check My Health Record

GPs can use our online form to request patient information.