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Pharmacy research

We are one of the leading research-focused pharmacy departments in Australia.

We publish more than 25 peer-reviewed papers per year in medical and pharmacy journals and present a similar number of presentations at national and international conferences.

Our work evaluates ways to provide our patients with the highest quality pharmaceutical care in a sustainable and efficient manner.

We have several staff with advanced research qualifications and expertise. 

Much of our research is undertaken in collaboration with a range of other departments within Austin Health. In addition, we have well established collaborations with several universities, including Monash University, La Trobe University, RMIT University, University of Melbourne, and Deakin University.

Pharmacy research highlights 2023: 28 new full papers, research letters or editorials  published in peer reviewed journals, 29 of our staff co-authored one or more journal articles, 25 papers or posters presented at conferences. From 2017 to 2023 our staff have published 163 peer-reviewed journal papers and presented 148 conference papers! 4 research students: 2 PhD candidates plus 2 research scholarships/fellowships, 4 prizes and awards: 2 Austin ResearchFest prizes, 1 national conference prize, 1 resident of the year finalist, 14 research trainings supported: 5 undergrad students, 7 interns, 2 residents

Our research focus

Quality use of medicines

Our translational research covers a broad range of therapeutic areas aimed at optimising the use of medicines. Some areas of major focus include:

  • Aged Care
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Oncology

Medication safety and pharmacovigilance

Much of this work is epidemiological in nature and is increasingly being supported by Austin Health's broadly implemented clinical informatics capabilities. We also have expertise in individualised follow-up (including allergy testing and alerts) for patients who have suffered a significant Adverse Drug Reaction event.

Service design and delivery

The pharmacy department has led several projects that have gained national recognition for developing and evaluating models of care that seek to provide optimal patient care whilst efficiently using the limited healthcare resources available.

Research opportunities

For interns

All pharmacy interns are supported to undertake a small research project during their intern year. Interns are encouraged to present their work at Austin Health ResearchFest and a 3-minute thesis of their project poster is presented at the Monash University Intern Foundation Program presentation evening in November.

For pharmacy residents

All resident pharmacists are involved in one or more research projects during their 2-year program. Residents are encouraged to present their work at Austin Health ResearchFest and at national conferences.

Master Degree research projects

Staff are supported within the department to undertake post-graduate degrees that include a research component, including Master of Clinical Pharmacy, Master of Public Health, Master of Pharmaceutical Science (by thesis), in collaboration with their chosen university.

Doctor of Philosophy candidates

We have several pharmacists undertaking PhD research programs through Monash University and University of Melbourne.

Other opportunities

All staff have the opportunity to participate in research projects, depending upon staff interests and as funding opportunities arise. Projects may begin as a pilot that indentifies an evidence-practice gap, that may then lead to larger projects.

Contact us

Dr Simone Taylor
Senior Pharmacist, Emergency Medicine & Research


Dr Rohan Elliott
Senior Pharmacist, Aged Care & Research


We have a department Twitter account (@Austin_HealthRx) where we regularly share information and links related to our research acitivites.