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Syrup of Ipecac

The Victorian Poisons Information Centre does not recommend the use of Syrup of Ipecac (Ipecacuanha Syrup) as first aid for poisoning.

There is no firm evidence that giving someone who's been poisoned Syrup of Ipecac to make them vomit improves their outcome.

In addition, if poisoned people are made to vomit, this may cause complications that can worsen their condition.

For these reasons, Syrup of Ipecac has no role in poisoning first aid or management. There is no need for Syrup of Ipecac to be kept at home or in first aid kits.

All poisonings require individual risk assessment - call us for advice.

For further information about Syrup of Ipecac or other poisoning issues, call us on 13 11 26.