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Nerve & tendon transfer surgery

Outcomes from nerve & tendon transfer surgery

Before having surgery, none of the patients in these videos were able to grasp or pinch. Two years later, they had gained enough pinch and grasp strength to do most activities of daily living.

See some of the results of our surgery

The patients in these videos underwent single or multiple nerve transfers in one or both upper limbs to restore elbow extension, grasp, pinch and hand opening. The outcomes of their surgery were published in a research article in The Lancet


One of our patients with a level C6 spinal cord injury 13 months after right triple nerve transfer surgery.


Active hand opening and closing 24 months after nerve transfer surgery.


Patient discussing different reconstructions for grasp and pinch 24 months after surgery in the right and left limbs.

The results of these procedures are also summarised nicely in media coverage below, from 9 News: