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Kidney Transplant Service


Austin Health provides a comprehensive kidney transplant service involving all types of kidney transplantation for patients at all levels of complexity.

Before Transplantation

The service runs an efficient workup and education program aimed at maximising transplant opportunities and outcomes for individuals with advanced kidney disease.

  • Pre-transplant evaluation and care of recipient candidates
  • Pre-transplant evaluation and care of living donor candidates
  • International donor transplant evaluation and care
  • Transplant surgical evaluation clinic
  • Transplant anaesthetic evaluation clinic
  • Increased risk transplant multidisciplinary assessment service
  • Transplant urology, cardiology, psychiatry, infectious disease, and dermatology services
  • Renal genetics service for recipients and donors with inherited kidney disease
  • Public and private patients welcome
  • Regional and metropolitan patients welcome
  • Transplant patient and family education


The transplant team comprises a group of specialist physicians, surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, and allied health staff with experience performing transplantation and caring for transplant donors and recipients during the peri-operative period.

  • Living donor kidney donation surgery
  • Living donor transplantation via directed donors
  • Living donor transplantation via the Australia and New Zealand Kidney Exchange Program
  • Deceased donor transplantation
  • ABO incompatible transplantation (living and deceased donors)
  • Increased viral risk donor transplantation
  • Marginal donor transplantation
  • Higher immunological risk transplantation
  • Desensitization therapy
  • Higher surgical complexity transplantation
  • High dependency unit and intensive care unit support
  • Combined kidney and other organ transplantation (e.g. kidney-liver, or kidney-liver-stomach-small intestine transplantation)
  • Repeat transplantation for patients with failed transplants

After Transplantation

The service provides complete after transplant care for donors and recipients that aims to maximise long-term health and wellbeing through preventative healthcare, and early diagnosis and treatment of health issues relating to transplantation. This service can be tailored to the needs of patients involved in shared care arrangements with private Nephrologists or referring health services.

  • Daily acute transplant clinic
  • Transplant recipient clinic
  • Transplant donor clinic
  • Renal surgery clinic
  • Transplant dermatology clinic
  • Transplant endocrine-bone clinic
  • Transplant infectious disease and travel clinics
  • Transplant medication management/pharmacy service with medication mail-out option
  • Transplant biopsy and expert transplant histopathology service
  • Access to subsidized transplant-specific pathology testing
  • Treatment of rejection
  • Treatment of transplant-related infections
  • Treatment of cancer in transplant recipients
  • Pre-conception counselling and management of transplant recipients planning pregnancy
  • Care of pregnant transplant recipients before, during and after delivery
  • Interventional radiology service for transplant recipients
  • 24/7 medical phone support for patients or doctors
  • Telehealth service
  • Regional outreach service
  • Shared care of patients seeing private Nephrologist
  • Shared care of patients from referral centres
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We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.