ResearchFest scientistA research scientist in the cancer research laboratoryA research scientist in the cancer research laboratory


Information for authors

ResearchFest is an opportunity to share your research and your enthusiasm for research.

The festival of research is proud to host all types of research, small projects, multicentre trials, quality projects and discovery projects.

We publish a book of the abstracts submitted.  Find out more about previous years abstracts.

We prefer abstracts to use the ResearchFest 2021 Abstract template. Some more information about writing abstracts is provided in Links and downloads.

When your abstract is accepted we ask you to prepare a short video to tell us about your work.  This can take many forms:

  • description of a poster
  • a short powerpoint presentation
  • an animated presentation

We want to know why your work is important and what you found out. 

All the presentations are loaded onto an online gallery which will be available during ResearchFest.

When you're ready, you can submit your abstract.