Janina Freestone, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program clinical trial participant

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Epilepsy tests

There are a number of different tests that can be used to diagnose what kind of epilepsy you have, or to find out if a particular type of treatment would benefit you.

For some of these tests, you will need to be admitted to hospital. Adults are admitted to our adult Neurology ward, Ward 6 East, and children to our Paediatrics Ward. These are both located at Austin Hospital.

Possible tests include:

Video EEG monitoring (VEM)

Epilepsy video monitoring, or video EEG monitoring (VEM) is a specialised test for epilepsy that requires you to be admitted to the Neurology or Paediatrics ward at Austin Hospital.

During the test, you will stay time connected to an EEG monitor while under constant video surveillance. The typical stay is one to two weeks, and someone who is familiar with your seizures will need to stay with you at all times, including overnight.