Beating the Blues before Birth

About the trial

There are more than 50,000 women around Australia who suffer from maternal depression and anxiety each year.

The Parent Infant Research Institute (PIRI) at Austin Health is looking for volunteers to take part in a new study to help women who may be experiencing signs of depression during their pregnancy.

The 'Beating the Blue Before Birth' trial is based on PIRI's evaluated treatment for Postnatal Depression and includes features from other PIRI programs aimed at reducing depression and anxiety during pregnancy and improving child developmental outcomes.

As part of the study you will receive an assessment with a psychologist, and be randomly allocated to one of the following depression treatments: 

  • BBB program (eight free-of-charge sessions of individual cognitive behavioural therapy, including one couples session)
  • Enhanced Standard Care (linkage with your healthcare professional who can provide you with support and treatment)

The benefits of this program to you and your child will be evaluated and your child’s development will also be assessed at 24 months by a trained clinician.

To find out more about the Beating the Blues before Birth study download the brochure.