SETC Nurse with Endoscope


Information for health services

In partnership with the SETC, the role of participating health services is to:
  • recruit trainee NEs, provide ongoing employment and support the transition to independent colonoscopy lists once the NE is qualified
  • provide the supervised clinical practice component of the Nurse Endoscopist Skills Training Program
  • provide mentoring and support to trainees
  • conduct ongoing assessment
  • provide the staff, resources, systems and environment to support a sustainable NE role and service
  • provide for the credentialing, re-credentialing and ongoing professional development of NEs.

Before entering a training partnership with the SETC, interested health services will be required to demonstrate a level of organisational readiness. Contact us for a copy of the organisational readiness critera.

Role of the SETC

The State Endoscopy Training Centre (SETC) leads, coordinates and provides nurse endoscopist skills training for advanced practice nurses across Victoria.

The SETC maintains business relationships with universities and other relevant nursing and medical professional bodies to provide the theoretical components of the APNE Skills Training Program, pre-requisite qualifications and training and mentoring for medical supervisors and assessors.

As a centre of excellence the SETC will also promote evaluation and research activities.