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NSQHS - More search options

Looking for evidence to support best practice in line with the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards?

These PubMed searches will find articles on the broad topics associated with each Standard, and provide options for an Australian or a Reviews focus.

Interested in more specific searches returning articles from the last 5 years with a focus on the hospital? Head back to NSQHS - Search the Evidence. 

Partnering with consumers

Partnering with consumers icon Health literacy
  Partnering with consumers
  Shared decision-making

Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infections

Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-associated Infection Standard icon Infection prevention
  Wound management

Medication safety

Medication Safety Standard icon Medication safety

Comprehensive care

Comprehensive Care Standard icon Delirium
  Falls prevention
  Pressure injuries

Communicating for safety

Clinical handover Standard icon Clinical handover
  Clinical handover with ISBAR

Blood management

Blood Management Standard icon Blood management

Recognising and responding to acute deterioration

Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration icon Delirium
  Deteriorating patient

Narrow your search

Need to narrow the topic for your particular interest? Try creating your own PubMed search:

  1. Run one of the above searches (e.g. Clinical handover - broad search)
  2. In PubMed, click on the Advanced link below the search box
  3. Type your additional topic search (e.g. ISBAR) into the "Enter a search term" box and press the ADD button
  4. Scroll down to the History and Search Details box to locate the original broad search
  5. Click the three dots (...) under the Actions column and select Add with AND to add this search to your words from step 3.
  6. Now press the Search button. This will find literature with both these topics in it.