Music therapy


Music therapy

"Music therapy was hugely important in my physical and emotional recovery" - Emma Gee
Emma Gee suffered a severe stroke at age 24

"I felt devalued and that I was a no-one at that time. I was in a really negative mindset and was feeling really stripped of my identity."

For nearly two years Emma lived at Royal Talbot after suffering a severe stroke and had to learn to do everything again - swallowing, talking, walking.  Things that you and I take for granted.

Music therapy was suggested to Emma as a way of helping her to learn to breathe, speak and walk again. 

Music therapy is extraordinarily important in helping patients who have experienced a brain or spinal cord injury or a stroke. 

We can use music to teach people to speak again when the language parts of their brain are damaged because singing engages different areas in the brain to speaking. Likewise, we know that it is very difficult to completely destroy the processing of rhythm in the brain from any brain injury or stroke, so we can use music to help people regain physical movement again - like co-ordinating their arms or learning to walk again.

Jeanette Tamplin, Music Therapist

"It's life-changing for some patients. We see amazing results..." - Jeanette Tamplin, Music Therapist.

Without support from you, the creative therapies program at Royal Talbot cannot continue.

This would be a devastating outcome for Emma, Steven, Nitisha and the thousands of other Royal Talbot patients who need physical and emotional support after suffering a traumatic spinal cord or brain injury.


Thank you. You are amazing.