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Music Therapy

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Music therapy is an allied health profession. It involves the use of musical experiences, and the relationships that develop through them, as a means of helping patients who have been debilitated by illness, injury, or trauma to regain previous levels of function or help adjust patients to their new levels of function.


The Australian Music Therapy Association defines music therapy as "the planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health and well being. People of any age or ability may benefit from a music therapy program regardless of musical skill or background.

Music therapy may address physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals within a therapeutic relationship. It focuses on meeting therapeutic aims, which distinguishes it from musical entertainment or music education." (Australian Music Therapy Association Inc.).

Music therapists are registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association. They must be proficient musicians before undertaking one of the tertiary courses of training accredited with the Australian Music Therapy Association.


At Austin Health, the goal of music therapy is to use the experience of music to aid the patient in attaining, maintaining, or regaining optimum levels of functioning or adaptation in all areas of development. This is achieved through a range of face-to-face services, resourcing, interdisciplinary work and collaboration with the rehabilitation team.


The music therapy service is committed to providing assessment and service provision in a timely manner following referral. The music therapy service aims to address patient needs that occur in the context of illness, disability and treatment and which can impact upon hospitalisation.

In realising these goals, we have a strong commitment to clinical research, education, quality improvement, ongoing staff development and working within a multi-disciplinary team. The music therapy service is committed to quality of care, effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its mission.

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