Art therapy


Art therapy

"Without art therapy I don't think I would have recovered as quickly as I have." - Nitisha Malloo
Nitisha Malloo, suffered a rare brain infection at age 24

"I was really angry at the beginning. I was very aggressive, I was shouting a lot at the doctors, slamming doors. I was in a really bad state of mind. I didn't know what was happening around me and I couldn't control my emotions." - Nitisha Mallo

Art therapy became Nitisha's path to communicating her inner turmoil, calming and eventually controlling her emotions.

"I was able to put my emotions into drawings. I've been calmer and able to concentrate more."

After a devastating injury or illness, many patients suffer emotional and psychological trauma and need help to accept and understand their new 'life'. Art therapy helps patients express their grief and loss through the creative medium - drawing, painting, sculpting, clay modelling. Often it is the first time they feel able to communicate their truth in an honest and supported way through creativity. 

Without art therapy, feelings can be 'bottled up', resulting in patients becoming emotionally and psychologically 'stuck'. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

Art therapy can help bring some meaning back into patient's lives.

Sandra Hatton

"Art therapy encourages all their loss to come out and be transformed on paper..." - Sandra Hatton, Art Therapist

Without support from you, the creative therapies program at Royal Talbot cannot continue.

This would be a devastating outcome for Emma, Steven, Nitisha and the thousands of other Royal Talbot patients who need physical and emotional support after suffering a traumatic spinal cord or brain injury.

Thank you. You are amazing.