Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Austin Health complies with relevant privacy laws and is committed to protecting your privacy.

What information does Austin Health collect about me?

Information is collected about you and every Austin Health patient to manage your care. We collect:

  • your name and contact details
  • the contact details of your GP and next-of-kin
  • details about your health treatment
  • information from other health care providers if this is needed for your care.

How does Austin Health use this information?

  • To make decisions about your treatment or care.
  • To help plan better services. 
  • To understand health trends. 
  • For research and teaching purposes.
  • Sometimes we may ask you to join a research project. If you agree, you must sign a consent form.

Who may contact me when I go home?

Austin Health staff may contact you to:

  • offer health education
  • ask you to join a research project
  • ask for a donation to Austin Health.

If you do not want to receive fundraising requests, contact:

Fundraising Department
Ph   03 9496 5753

Who else may receive information about me?

Austin Health shares your information with other people / organisations to provide the best treatment for you or where there is a law that requires us to do this.

It is common to send a letter or a summary to your GP after your visit. This will tell your GP about your health problems, your treatment, your medication and ongoing care needs.

If Ambulance Victoria, patient transport services, your specialist, community nurse or local council services ask us for information to support your ongoing care, we will provide it to them.

We will present information we hold about you to court if it is subpoenaed.

We will report certain diseases to the Department of Health and Human Services or the Victorian Cancer Registry.

If you receive a medical device or prosthesis, we may need to give your details to the manufacturer or supplier for safety or legal reasons. Some manufacturers and suppliers may be located overseas.

We report statistical information to government funding bodies.

We tell people who make enquiries about you, such as your friends and family, what ward you are on and your general condition if they call or visit.

We will only discuss your treatment with your next of kin or the person you have nominated.

We tell ex-service organisations about Veteran inpatients so that they may visit Veterans or their dependants whilst they are inpatients. If you do not want a visit, contact: 

Veteran Liaison Office
Ph   03 9496 2324

There may be circumstances in which you do not want Austin Health to share your information as described here. You will need to sign a Refusal of Consent to Disclose Information form so that your wishes are recorded in our systems and can be accommodated. 

To get a copy of this form, contact:

Freedom of Information Office
Ph   03 9496 3103 

How long is my medical record kept?

Your medical record is kept for at least 12 years from your last visit. It may be destroyed after this.

Can I access my medical record?

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, you can apply to see, obtain a copy or amend your medical record. A fee may apply.

To apply, download the FOI Information.

Do you feel that your privacy has not been respected?

For inpatients:
  1. Talk to your doctor or nurse. 
  2. If not satisfied, speak with the nurse in charge. 
  3. If still not satisfied, speak with the Nurse Unit Manager. 
  4. To make a formal complaint, contact the Centre for Patient Experience at Austin Health. 

For non inpatients:
  1. Fill in a 'My Say' form and post it in a My Say letterbox. These are located throughout the hospital or at
  2. Contact the Centre for Patient Experience.

Centre for Patient Experience - Austin Health
Ph 03 9496 3566

More information

Freedom of Information Officer

Phone:    03 9496 3103

Fax:       03 9458 4557


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Health Services Commissioner

Department of Health & Human Services