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  • New patient and family network for those living with a tracheostomy

    "I wanted a life! So I just woke up one morning ... and said: I'm going home with a trachy," says Colin. Colin is living in the community with a tracheostomy - and is one person planning to attend an event for tracheostomy patients and their families at Austin Health on April 4th.

  • Telehealth connects people around Australia with innovative nerve transfer program: VIDEO

    Hear surgeon Natasha van Zyl on how telehealth is connecting people with quadriplegia to surgeons from our Australian-first nerve transfer program - potentially leading to life-changing surgery to regain use of their hands.

  • Nancy urges others to be aware of delirium

    When her husband John started complaining of mysterious itching and getting up at strange times of the night, Nancy Panettieri couldn't work out what was going on. The eventual diagnosis – delirium - was a relief. Now she wants others to be aware of delirium.

  • New way to classify epilepsy will revolutionise its treatment

    Austin Health director of paediatrics, Prof Ingrid Scheffer has published work that will revolutionise the way epilepsy is recognised, treated and defined. Click through for the University of Melbourne's story.

  • Truth seeker

    For the third year in a row in 2016, Professor Rinaldo Bellomo was named a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher. The award places him in the top 1% of researchers in the world. This is his story.