Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Supportive Care

Renal supportive care is a treatment offered to individuals with end-stage kidney disease if renal replacement therapy (dialysis/transplantation) is very unlikely to improve their quality or length of life and may even significantly reduce their quality of life. It includes symptomatic treatment of kidney failure and palliative care to minimise the burden of symptoms.

Doctors and nurses from the Nephrology Department (Renal Unit) can provide this care via the renal outpatient clinics or on the inpatient renal ward (7 North) if required. They understand that not all people with kidney disease will benefit from dialysis so they aim to help preserve kidney function for as long as possible and optimise quality of life.

At Austin Health, the supportive care pathway may include:

  • Symptom control
  • Social support
  • Updates and education regarding disease progression
  • Psychological support
  • Rehabilitation (where necessary)
  • Any spiritual supports required
  • Advance Care Planning
  • ‘End of Life’ and bereavement care


Renal supportive care team