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Respecting Patient Choices

About us

Welcome to the Respecting Patient Choices Program at Austin Health.

The Respecting Patient Choices® Program is a leading advanced care planning program in Victoria, based at the Austin Hospital. It began in 2002 as a pilot program and has since been extended to a number of other hospitals and communities in Victoria as well as being implemented in other Australian states and territories. 

Advance Care Planning is a process enabling a person to make decisions about his or her future health care in consultation with health care providers, family members, and other important people in their lives. 

At Austin Health, the Respecting Patient Choices® Program department consists of a Clinical Director, Manager, Secretary, six Project Officers, and five Advance Care Planning Clinicians. 

The Respecting Patient Choices® Program at Austin Health undertakes the following work: 

  • Provision of Advance Care Planning service across Austin Health
  • Development of techniques and strategies for improved provision of Advance Care Planning in Austin Health
  • Provision of education to Austin Health staff and other interested health professionals
  • Research into the effects, benefits and outcomes of Advance Care Planning
  • The development and implementation of Advance Care Planning to the community. Projects funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging (DoHA) include work with GPs, Residential Aged Care Facilities, and Advanced Care Planning for the general public.
  • Development of educational e-programs and web-based information for health professionals and the general public
  • Provision of project management and content expertise for other health services wishing to commence and run Advance Care Planning programs
  • National coordination of all services that have implemented Advance Care Planning programs using the Respecting Patient Choices® model
  • Engagement and consultation with internal and external stakeholders, including State and Federal Health Departments and numerous industry bodies

Full information on the Respecting Patient Choices® Program can be found on their national website