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Advance Care Planning

About us

Welcome to Advance Care Planning at Austin Health.

Advance care planning is a process of planning for future health and personal care whereby a person's values, beliefs and preferences are made known so they can guide clinical decision making at a future time when that person cannot make or communicate their decisions.  

Austin Health is a leader in advance care planning within Victoria with a team that includes a Program Director, Program Manager, Clinical Lead, Advance Care Planning Clinicians, administration staff, research assistants and project officers.

 The Advance Care Planning department undertakes the following work: 

  1.  Provision of advance care planning services across Austin Health.
  2. Provision of educational programs for health professionals and the general public.
  3. Research into the effects, benefits and outcomes of advance care planning.
  4. The development and implementation of advance care planning to the community.
  5. Project management and expertise for other health services to implement advance care planning using the Respecting Patient Choices® model.
  6. Engagement and consultation with internal and external stakeholders, including State and Federal Health Departments and numerous industry bodies.

You can find us at:

 Level 7, Harold Stokes Building, Austin Hospital,145 Studley Road Heidelberg.

You can get in touch with us via:

Phone:   9496 5660
Fax:        9457 5405 & 9496 5405
Email:     rpcoffice@austin.org.au

Further information and forms on advance care planning can be found on the Advance Care Planning Australia website