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Mental Health

Mental Health Service

Austin Health's Mental Health Service provides recovery-oriented practice and supported decision-making in a collaborative and meaningful way for consumers and carers.

Austin Health's Mental Health Service delivers vital state-wide services to Victorians and a range of specialty services to the people of Melbourne’s north-eastern corridor catering to diverse multicultural and veteran communities.

In state-of-the-art public mental health facilities, the service's dedicated Austin Health staff continually strive to deliver collaborative and multidisciplinary services for consumers and carers with respect and integrity.

Our Program Areas

North East Area Mental Health Service

Inpatient services:
Acute Adult Psychiatry, Eating Disorders Unit, Parent-Infant Program, Secure Extended Care.

Community services:
Continuing Care, Mobile Support & Treatment, Crisis Assessment & Treatments, Primary Mental Health, Youth Early Psychosis, Community Recovery Program, Prevention and Recovery Care.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Inpatient services:
Statewide Child Inpatient Unit, Adolescent Inpatient Unit.

Community services:
Adolescent Intensive Management, Youth Brief Intervention Service, Inner North East & Northern Community Outpatient Teams, Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment, CAMHS and Schools Early Action, Further Community Services.

Brain Disorders Program

Inpatient services:
Wattle/Protea Unit (physical or cognitive disabilities), Heath Unit (psychiatric or behavioural disabilities).

Community services:
Community Reintegration Program - Step 2, Community Brain Disorders Assessment & Treatment Service, Acquired Brain Injury Behaviour Consultancy, Neurobehaviour Clinic.

Psychological Trauma Recovery Service

Inpatient services:
PTRS Inpatient Unit.

Community services:
Post Trauma Victoria Outpatient Service, Veterans & Serving Members Unit (VSMU) Outpatient Clinic, Human Relations Clinic, Sleep Disorders Clinic, PTSD Group Treatment Program, Addictive Behaviours Group Treatment Program, Older Veterans Psychiatry Program, Rehabilitation Workgroup.

General Hospital Mental Health

Our services:
GHMH consultation/Liaison Service, Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Clinical Health Psychology Outpatient Clinic, Drug Dependence Clinic.