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Inpatient Pain management Service

Inpatient Pain Service

The Inpatient Pain Service at Austin Health was established in 1990. Pain Services at Austin Health is provided by the Department of Anaesthesia and Continuing Services who are responsible for coordinating the management of patients with both acute, complex and persistent pain.

Pain is complex and often requires a multidisciplinary approach to treat it effectively.

Therefore, the team liaises with other departments including Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Pyschology to develop pain management plans for our patients.

Our service focuses on the holistic approach to managing pain and aims to empower the patient to take control, utilising pharmacological, psychological and physical modalities.

The philosophy of the Inpatient Pain Service is to use analgesic techniques and strategies in a safe environment to enable return to normal function.

Approximately 2000 postoperative patients are referred to this service annually. In addition referral of any inpatients with complex pain problems is encouraged.

For further information please contact:

Inpatient Pain Service
Ph 03 9496 3485

To make referrals to our Outpatient pain services follow the link below.

Services provided by the Inpatient Pain service

Each day a Pain Service team including Medical and Nursing staff conduct a "pain round" to review and manage pain for all inpatients that are referred to our service including the following:

  1. Post-operative Pain
  2. Acute pain from non-surgical causes
  3. Complex or persitent pain issues.

The team is often accompainied by a Pain specialist and Pharmacist, who are also available to assist the team with development of a pain management plan. The Pain team provides a resource to all units throughout the hospital who ask for advice and guidance to manage pain.

The pain round supports the learning of Undergrads and Graduates from Medical, Pharmacology and Nursing disciplines, who are invited to join the round and participate in the process. This includes assessment, patient education and safety considerations in regards to prescribing of analgesics and management of specialised analgesic modalities used in the acute setting to manage pain.

The Inpatient Pain Service provides regular education to other hospital personnel to manage the care required to run a number of different pain modalities and to keep them up to date with our current policies and best practice.