Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Domiciliary Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Department provides a dedicated domiciliary service for patients in the northern and north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

While originally designed to meet the requests of Post Acute Care and Hospital in the Home, our service has expanded to include Community Link, NEDID, Rehab in the Home, Chronic Disease Management and others.


Range of service

As well as general debility, neurological and orthopaedic treatment, our physios are able to provide specialist cardiothoracic physiotherapy in the home.

Conditions seen include:

  • COPD
  • acute-pneumonia
  • post-op respiratory failure
  • neuromuscular disorders
  • polio
  • and other chronic respiratory conditions

We provide instruction to patients and carers on home O2 therapy, non-invasive ventilation and tracheostomy management as well as patient transfer and hoist techniques.


Role of the physiotherapist

We provide a lot more than 'physio', this includes subjective and objective assessment of:

  • respiratory
  • neurological
  • orthopaedic problems
  • transfers and mobility; both Indoors and outdoors
  • ADLs, DADLs,
  • home environment including access and cleanliness



We will liase with the referring agency on the need for other services, ongoing care or follow-up appointments. We'll also liase with the patients GP or other Austin Health staff: allied health, O2 Clinic, nursing, other physios, O2 company, local pharmacist, etc.

Responsibilities of the physiotherapist

The visiting physio will monitor the patient post discharge to ensure safety. We will assess and progress treatment accordingly and recommend readmission if a patient is failing at home.