Mental Health

Brain Disorders Program

The Victorian Brain Disorders Program provides state-wide neuropsychiatric rehabilitation services to consumers between 16 to 65 years of age dual disorders of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), neurodegenerative disease and mental illness including problems with behavioural management.

The Brain Disorders Program of Victoria (BDP) is a unique state-wide specialist service providing community and inpatient based neuropsychiatric rehabilitation.

The service is designed to meet the needs of individuals aged 16 to 64 with cognitive and psychiatric disability, with a rehabilitation focus to assist the regaining of function and independence where possible.

The BDP is based at:

Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
1 Yarra Boulevard
Kew, VIC 3101

  • An inpatient service for consumers who require focus on their physical or cognitive disability.

  • An inpatient service for consumers who require focus on their psychiatric or behavioural disability.

  • Step 2 is a transitional residential unit where consumers with dual disability of cognitive impairment and psychiatric or behavioural problems collaborate with staff to improve their daily living activities.

  • CBDATS is a state-wide service assisting local services for consumers with severe cognitive and psychiatric disability and associated clinical and systemic complexity

  • The ABI Behaviour Consultancy focuses on consumers with an acquired brain injury such as traumatic, hypoxic or stroke related brain injury

  • This neuropsychiatric assessment service facilitating collaboration between neurology and psychiatry.