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About us


The Orthotic and Prosthetic department provides an essential and valuable service to Austin Health patients and the wider community across Austin Health's 3 campuses.

With an onsite workshop, we manufacture and fit custom made orthotic and prosthetic devices and work with other allied health professionals to deliver a high standards of treatment across a large range of pathologies.

Our friendly team of prosthetists and orthotists, technicians and administration staff have a strong focus on positive patient outcomes, professional development and education.


Orthotic management involves the assessment for and fitting of orthoses - externally applied devices used to modify forces applied to the body. These may be for the purpose of improving mobility, reducing pain, fracture management, management of musculoskeletal weakness or alignment issues, pressure management and contracture management. Orthoses may be individually custom-made, customised, or fitted as prefabricated devices. Examples of the types of orthoses we prescribe and provide are:

  • foot orthoses
  • footwear
  • ankle-foot orthoses
  • knee orthoses
  • fracture orthoses
  • spinal orthoses as well as more complex devices as required.


Prosthetic management involves the assessment for and fitting of prostheses - individually designed and custom-made appliances aimed at restoring the function of the lost limb as much as possible. Different types of prosthetic management are required throughout the amputee rehabilitation process including removable rigid dressings, interim and definitive prostheses, education and gait training. We provide both upper and lower-limb prosthetic care.

Our clinical staff, work together with medical and allied health teams to prescribe, design and fit the most appropriate device to ensure you have the best functional outcome.