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Pastoral Care & Education

About Us

Pastoral Care staff recognise that hospitalisation can evoke many challenges and concerns.

Austin Health is committed to the care of the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pastoral Care is an essential part of the multidisciplinary team that provides holistic care for patients and families.

Pastoral Care focuses on the spiritual needs of patients. Spirituality is a general term, which encompasses the meaningful aspects of a person's life. For most people, their spirituality will include significant relationships and this may be expressed in family, community, the sacred, religion, nature, art and music.

Our Pastoral Care Workers recognise that being in hospital brings many challenges and concerns.  We provide a supportive service to patients, families and staff. We recognise that every person has their own way of finding meaning in their individual experiences.

Our Pastoral Care Workers listen in such a way that allows each person to explore and express their hopes and concerns. We then assist people to draw on their own spiritual and personal resources. We engage all beliefs, spiritualities and faith traditions.

Pastoral Care is also provided on a referral basis. Each ward/unit has an appointed Pastoral Care Worker. Patients, family and staff are encouraged to request our services.

Pastoral Care provides education and training in Spiritual Care through Clinical Pastoral Education and Spirituality training modules for staff. Our education unit is a centre of excellence for training and research in Spiritual Care.


  • Pastoral Care (Spiritual Care)
  • Religious Care (sacraments, prayer, religious ministers)
  • Emotional Support
  • Bereavement Support, grief and loss
  • Spiritual, Religious and sacred texts
  • Ceremonial events and rites
  • Referral and assessment
  • Education and training

We provide support

  • When you are feeling isolated, distressed worried, fearful and vulnerable
  • When you are experiencing a crisis
  • When you are facing transition and change
  • When you are facing issues related to death, grief or bereavement
  • When you want to see a religious minister or chaplain of any faith
  • When you require prayer or meditation

Contact Us

Phone: 9496 5000                Pager: 6006 

Pastoral Care is available 24 hours a day. For all Pastoral Care enquiries please ask a staff member to page the Duty Pastoral Care Worker on 6006.  Staff can also refer patients via CERNER.

Religious leaders from your faith tradition are welcome to provide your spiritual care while you are here. Pastoral Care can contact them on your behalf to arrange a visit.