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"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."
Carl Sagan


The challenge of technology change

The Library is aware that a number of users have been experiencing difficulty accessing online resources. This was inadvertently caused by changes to security settings across the Austin network.

Austin Health is currently upgrading the default browser to Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and this will improve access to library resources. We are working closely with IT to address any implementation issues.

Thank you to all staff who have alerted the Library to date and we encourge you to continue to let us know if you experience difficulties.

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Chemotherapy for lung cancer in the elderly

"Worldwide, lung cancer is responsible for most cases of cancer-related death among individuals of both sexes. For adult patients with advanced disease, therapy regimens based on the combination of cisplatin or carboplatin with a different agent are considered the standard of care. However, few elderly patients have been included in relevant trials for chemotherapy, raising concerns about the safety and efficacy of such regimens, which are considered the standard of care for adult patients. As a consequence, older patients are often treated with less intense chemotherapy regimens."

Source: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015, Issue 10.


ICU clinical handover

Critical care handover is recognised as vital for improving the care delivered to acutely ill patients. This quality project outlines changes to the design of an intensive care discharge summary leading to improvements in handover information and continuity of care. 

Source: BMJ quality improvement report 2015; 4


Preterm labour and birth - NICE guidance

Premature birth (before the 37th week of pregnancy) is the leading cause of death in newborn babies and the 2nd most common cause of death in children under the age of 5. To reduce the risks of preterm birth a new NICE guideline covers the care and treatment of:

- women at increased risk of preterm labour
- women with suspected, diagnosed or established preterm labour
- women having a planned preterm birth

Source: NICE November 2015


Health workforce data

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released health workforce data highlighting the large and diverse range of occupations in the health industry. In 2014, there were 610,148 registered health practitioners. Over half of these (352,838) were nurses or midwives which was over 3 times the size of the next largest group, medical practitioners. Dynamic data graphs and tables can be found via the link below.

Source: AIHW Health workforce


JBI trial on now!

The Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence Based Practice database (JBI) has a growing reputation in the EBP space and alongside Cochrane in Australia it is being accepted as a definitive source for:

  • Evidence based recommended practices and evidence summaries
  • Best practice information sheets and technical reports
  • Systematic reviews and protocols
  • Consumer information sheets

This Australian product has been purchased by international publisher Wolters Kluwer and is now available on the OVID search platform.

The Library is running a trial of JBI until December 18th and we would greatly value your feedback.


eBooks spotlight

Critical care ultrasound / edited by Philip Lumb, Dimitrios Karakitsos - Elsevier Saunders, 2015.
"Coverage includes the latest applications of ultrasound for neurologic critical care; vascular problems; chest; hemodynamic monitoring; and abdominal and emergency uses, as well as assistance in a variety of specific procedures in critical care medicine."

Tintinalli's emergency medicine : a comprehensive study guide / editor-in-chief. Judith E. Tintinalli et al. - 8th ed. - McGraw Hill Education, 2016.
This edition includes new tables, clinical guidelines and online access to more than 30 videos covering a wide range of procedural and diagnostic topics and the latest ultrasound-guided techniques.

New books on display

Handbook of obstetric medicine / Catherine Nelson-Piercy - 5th ed. - CRC Press, 2015.

Mechanisms of clinical signs / Mark Dennis, William Talbot Bowen and Lucy Cho - 2nd ed. - Elsevier, 2015.

Resilient health care / edited by Erik Hollnagel, Jeffrey Braithwaite and Robert L. Wears - Ashgate, 2013.


Journals spotlight

These links provide access to the current table of contents:

Annals of emergency medicine

Australian nursing and midwifery journal



British journal of occupational therapy


Clinical rehabilitation

Clinical rheumatology

Diabetes care

European respiratory journal

Evidence-based nursing


Journal of clinical oncology

Journal of clinical pathology

Journal of emergency nursing

Journal of medical ethics

Journal of urology


Topics in stroke rehabilitation

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