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Marcel Proust


Adverse events in healthcare: learning from mistakes

In this paper, an adverse event (defined as "an injury resulting in prolonged hospitalisation, disability or death caused by healthcare management") is associated with an estimated 10% of hospital admissions. Authors of this review article note that many adverse events are preventable and discuss how identification and reporting of events is important and will save healthcare costs through preventing longer hospital stays.

Source: QJM 2014 - Online first


Palliative care services in Australia 2014

This report is the 3rd in a series of annual reports providing a detailed picture of the national response to the palliative care needs of Australians. "There were 57,614 palliative care-related separations from public and private hospitals in Australia in 2011-12 with patients aged 75 and over accounting for half (49.1%) of these. AIHW data showed there was a 52% increase in palliative care-related separations between 2002-03 and 2011-12." AIHW

Source: AIHW Palliative care services in Australia, Sept 2014


Cognitive therapy for patients with schizophrenia

"Antipsychotic drugs are usually the first line of treatment for schizophrenia; however, many patients refuse or discontinue their pharmacological treatment" states Prof AP Morrison et al. In this well discussed single blinded RCT, the authors sought to establish whether cognitive therapy was effective in reducing psychiatric symptoms in people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders who had chosen not to take antipsychotic drugs.

Source: Lancet April 2014; 383(9926): 1395-1403

Further reading:

Patients with schizophrenia
To coincide with World Mental Health Day, the World Federation of Mental Health has released its first WFMH Bulletin. Schizophrenia has been chosen as the theme "to improve public understanding of this troublesome, complicated but treatable mental illness" said Christodoulou, President WFMH.


Poor diet in kids linked to depression

Children and adolescents with unhealthy eating patterns are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, an Australian lead (Deakin University) systematic review of 12 epidemiological studies has found. The review included results from around 83,000 children and adolescents, with studies from seven countries including Australia, China and the USA.

Source: American journal of public health Oct 2014; 104(10): e31-42


Mental Health Week 5-11 October

This year in Australia, World Mental Health Day (October 10) has three objectives: encourage help seeking behaviour; reduce the stigma associated with mental illness; and to foster connectivity throughout communities.

Come and see our book display to coincide with Mental Health Week. All items are available for borrowing.


Antibiotics linked to child obesity

Children exposed to 4 or more doses of any type of antibiotic had an 11% increase relative risk of obesity at the age of 5, when compared to children who had no exposure according to a new cohort study spanning 2001-2013. When the researchers stratified the data according to narrow or broad spectrum antibiotic exposure, they found a 16% increased relative risk of obesity among those children exposed to 4 or more courses of broad spectrum antibiotics.

Source: JAMA paediatrics Sept 2014 Online first


Australian Medicines Handbook – Children's Dosing Companion – new to CHC

This resource, in conjunction with the Paediatric Pharmacopoeia, will provide strong current evidence based information in relation to Paediatric dosing.

The AMH Children's Dosing Companion (CDC) is available via the Library catalogue or Clinicians Health Channel (CHC) from any computer on the Austin Health network. A CHC Athen's login will be required to access this resource outside Austin Health.


Print journals received and currently on display

The following journals titles received this week are only available in print format within the library:

Nature. Vol. 513, no. 7518; Vol. 513, no. 7519, 25 September 2014

Nursing times. Vol.110, no. 38, 17 September 2014

All our journal titles with electronic access are available via the A-Z Journal List.
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