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Introducing our new prehabilitation program to assist cancer patients  

29 November 2023 - We have introduced the Strong for Oesophago-gastric Cancer Surgery (SOCS) Clinic, a comprehensive prehabilitation program designed to enhance the well-being of patients before they undergo oesophageal and gastric cancer surgery.

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Meet Nimesh Oli

23 November 2023 - Meet Nimesh Oli, one of our Food Services Supervisors. Nimesh was born in Nepal and grew up enjoying its majesty landscapes and culture, pristine air, spectacular backdrop of snowy peaks, serene lakes and fiery rivers. Tihar is celebrated each year in the month of November and is the second most celebrated festival in Nepal. This year it was celebrated on 15 November.

Staff Spotlight: Meet Trish Carew

16 November 2023 - Today is Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day. In recognition of this awareness day, we spotlight one of our experts who works with our patients and staff every day - Trish Carew, our Clinical Excellence Lead for pressure injury prevention.

Across the ocean: Arturo and Federico's kidney transplant journey

14 November 2023 - Meet Arturo and Federico, brothers from Colombia, South America, whose lives took them to two different corners of the world – Melbourne and New York. Their bond remained strong, and years later, they found themselves united in an extraordinary journey when Arturo faced a kidney condition that would redefine their connection.

Notice of Annual Meeting

13 November - Austin Health will be holding its 2022-23 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, 24 November 2023.

Revolutionary new transplant technique breaks down transplant barriers

06 November - In a groundbreaking medical achievement, a highly sensitised Australian patient, who previously had little hope of receiving a transplant, has been given a renewed chance at life, thanks to a revolutionary immune modification technique.