Patients & visitors


Access to Austin Hospital

Find out how to access Emergency and the Austin Hospital main entrance.

Access to our Emergency Department

To ensure we continue to provide safe, high quality emergency care to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made changes to how you access our Emergency Department (ED).

How can I access ED?

  • Pedestrian and vehicle access continues to be via the current Emergency entrance off Burgundy Street.
  • There is no short-term parking at ED, so you need leave the ED drop off zone as soon as possible and proceed to the car park.
  • If you have a driver drop you at ED, the driver needs to proceed to the car park, park and enter ED following the signage/instructions within the hospital.
  • You will be asked some COVID screening questions inside the entrance to the ED.

Austin’s focus is on the safety, health and wellbeing of our staff and community, while ensuring patients can access quality and safe emergency care.

We will keep the community, patients and visitors updated about any changes. 

Access to our main entrance

The front entrance of Austin Hospital and Mercy Hospital is closed to allow a range of renovations to commence.

Patients and visitors can continue to access Austin Hospital via:

  • Austin Tower carpark lifts on all levels
  • ONJ Centre
  • Emergency Department (for emergency care only)

If a patient or visitor needs to be dropped off at Austin Hospital, you can continue to do this via the B3 carpark of Austin Tower. This carpark can be accessed via Studley Road.

The carpark entry to exit time is 30 minutes on B3 to allow for drop-offs and pick-ups to occur without our community needing to pay.

The external stairs from Studley Road leading to the Austin Hospital podium will also be closed as well as driving access to the roundabout on the podium.

Please note: there is no change to the ONJ Cancer Centre drop off / pick up area.