A librarian helping a health professional to locate a book.A librarian helping a health professional to locate a book.A librarian helping a health professional to locate a book.


Request a standard

Standards are available through  the provider Techstreet. 
(Our previous supplier was SAI Global. This arrangement ceased June 2023.)

To access standards you must have an account with Techstreet.

Already have an account

Log-in HERE

Create a Techstreet account

Contact the Library if you would like to create an account library@austin.org.au 

Techstreet user guides

Read or watch the Techstreet user guides and videos on our Techstreet account homepage for tips on searching for and viewing standards. (You must be logged in to your Techstreet account to see these guides).

FileOpen Plug-in

To download a standard you need FileOpen Plug-in. You only need to install this once on your computer.
To request FileOpen Plug-in email EMR and ICT Service Desk and include: 

1. Subject line: New FileOpen Plugin needed
2. Your computer asset number (located top right-hand-side of your desktop)

Ordering standards outside our current subscription

You can order a standard that is outside of our current subscription. 

Select the 'Request' button on the required standard and complete the form.
In 'Reason for Request' enter your Austin Health department cost centre and whether the standard is required as a one-off purchase or ongoing subscription. 

Ongoing subscription is important if you need immediate access on a continuing basis for compliance reasons. However, if your purchase/access was only needed for a once-off situation then we can cancel the subscription at the renewal date in June.

The Library will respond to you asap within business hours. 

Contact library@austin.org.au for further information.