Request a standard

To access SAI Global Standards you will need to login to access them. See instructions below.


  1. Register with i2i using your Austin email address. NOTE Business Unit = Austin Health (same as Company)
    Further information on how to register: SAI Global - How to Register

You will now be able to search for and access standards as needed. Please review the i2i user guide if you need help.

 FileOpen Plug-in installation

In addition, SAI Global are responding to global security compliance – DRM (Digital Rights Management)

In brief this means all registered users of SAI Global need to have the FileOpen Plug-in downloaded to your Austin computer.

Austin IT are aware of this requirement, they intend to conduct an organisation wide download of this software however if this has not happened for you – please contact them directly using the instructions below.

 If you have not yet requested to have a FileOpen Plug-in downloaded to your Austin Computer:

  1. Note: your Asset Number (located top RHS of your desktop)
  1. Email: EMR and ICT Service Desk
  2. Reference: NEW FileOpen Plugin needed – SAI Global DRM


If you have any issues/difficulties using the new i2i platform or with the FileOpen Plugin, please contact Austin IT Service Desk.