Results of Austin Health 2017 Apps survey

The apps below were identified by participants in the 2017 Austin Health Mobile Apps survey.
The survey aim was to understand which apps were currently being used by Austin Health staff, and participation in the survey was completely voluntary.

All apps listed are available either via iTunes or Google Play, not all apps are available for every mobile platform. Not all apps listed are free.

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Point of care

Medical apps AOTrauma Orthogeriatrics ECG Guide by QxMD   EMRA EM Rashes
ENT Handbook Essential Anatomy 5 Essential Skeleton 4
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at The Doctor's Bag Get Checked

Geriatrics at
your fingertips

Gray's Anatomy
Osteoarthritis OrthoTraumapedia MD On Call Medscape
Palliative care week 2015 Palliative Care
Fast Facts
PediSTAT by 
Medication Physitrack
An introduction to applied cognitive psychology Preop Eval PulmCCM Library winner RCH Clinical Guidelines

Royal Liverpool
Emergency Medicine 


Skyscape Medical

Surgical OUtcome Risk Tool
Supportive & Palliative
Care Indicator Tool

Drug information

 Drug Doses Principles of neural science John Hopkins
ABX Guide 2017 
 Opioid Calculator
Therapeutic Guidelines logo  Therapeutic Guidelines   Liverpool HEP iChart   Liverpool HIV iChart

 Sanford Guide
antimicrobial therapy 


Medical calculator


MDCalc MedCalX



Clinical tool

App ISBAR App Anticoag Evaluator  Dermatomes
Depression Scale   
(Unified Parkinsons Disease Rating Scale)

General Resources

  App Category
Be Aware AusMed CPD
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at Doctoralia Directory
MBS search Private practice
Papers3 Reference management
Principles of neural science Journal Club Content alert

The listing of an app on this page does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, the accuracy or validity of the app. The Austin Health Sciences Library accepts no liability for the information or advice provided by this listing. All information is provided on the basis that readers are responsible for deciding if an app is safe, accurate, current and appropriate for use in a clinical setting.