Patient with Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer Jacob NelsonPatient with Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer Jacob NelsonPatient with Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer Jacob Nelson

Patients & visitors

In this section, you can find the following information:

Our smoking policy

Smoking within four metres of an entrance to public hospitals is now illegal and smoking anywhere on Austin Health grounds is prohibited under hospital policy.

Help us to protect your health

Austin Health believes that the health of our patients, visitors and staff should be protected from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke and nicotine across the entire site.

We ask all patients, visitors and staff to respect the health of others by not smoking anywhere on site including car parks and garden areas.

The new government laws apply to everyone at Austin Health. Those caught smoking near entrances or enclosed areas may be issued a fine.

Quitline number 137848

Information and advice for smokers

Patients having surgery:
If you are having surgery, Quitting smoking before surgery lowers your risk of serious problems and may mean a faster recovery, less time in hospital and less need for antibiotics.

If you continue to smoke right up to the time you have surgery, you will be more likely to:
• reduce the oxygen supply to your heart and body
• have difficulty breathing during and after surgery
• increase your risk of wound infection increase your risk of lung complications
• slow down or harm the healing of bones, skin and wounds
• reduce how well some pain-relieving and other drugs work.
• be admitted to intensive care and to need life support.

Talk to your GP or contact the Quitline (13 7848) for advice before coming into hospital.

To make your stay more comfortable, free nicotine replacement therapy is available for inpatients. Talk to your treatment team about obtaining this as soon as possible on arrival.

Outpatients and Visitors:
The health of patients, visitors and staff must be protected from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. For this reason, we ask you to respect that no smoking is permitted anywhere across any Austin Health site including car parks and garden areas.

If you absolutely have to smoke during your time here, we request you move to the site boundaries or use the butt bins located at:
• B3 car park entrance, Studley Road
• B2 car park entrance, Burgundy Street
• L3 Harold Stokes Building exit to Burgundy Street (next to foot bridge)

Talk to your GP or call Quitline (13 7848) for quitting advice.

Quit also produce a number of brochures and factsheets that you may find useful.

Acknowledgement flags

Austin Health acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We celebrate, value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.