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Biometry is referred to as the measurement of the various dimensions of the eye.

The Ophthalmology unit uses the commonly used optical biometry method called Partial Coherence Interferometry (PCI) which uses infrared light and provides a measurement of axial length, corneal curvature and anterior chamber depth. This is by far the most accurate method of assessment as it is a non-contact technique.

Precise biometry is essential for accurate refractive outcomes post cataract surgery. Using the IOL Master, patients booked for cataract surgery have their eye measurements taken for the preoperative computation of intraocular lens power required for optimal vision post-operatively.

Using the biometric data attained, the IOL Master can employ several IOL power calculation formulae which are built into its computer software, allowing greater flexibility of IOL type to be used by the ophthalmic surgeon for implantation.

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