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Mental Health

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Hospital Mental Health

If you or a loved one are being treated at Austin Health for a physical condition but need help with the assessment or management of a mental health condition, Hospital Mental Health may be called to assist.

You can be referred to the service from all medical, surgical, rehabilitation and specialty units across Austin Health.

The most common referrals are for:

  • depression and anxiety,
  • delirium, and
  • symptoms such as pain or fatigue that have no clear physical cause.

Services are available to:

  • current patients in any ward at Austin Health (excluding the psychiatric units); and
  • other patients with ongoing treatment provided by Austin Health.

The Clinical and Health Psychology Outpatient Service also accepts selected referrals from the community.

Hospital Mental Health care is provided by two different units: Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Clinical and Health Psychology (CHP), who each provide different services.

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry services include:

  • providing assessment and management of mental health conditions for referred medical and surgical patients. 
  • providing advice upon request for the mental health needs of general hospital patients. This may include general advice on management such as medical/surgical unit distress and difficulties.
  • the Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic is offered for patients who are able to be treated in a community setting. Written referrals are required.
  • the Drug Dependence Clinic is offered to patients with opioid dependence.

Drug Dependence Clinic

One of five specialist clinics in metropolitan Melbourne, the Drug Dependence Clinic (DDC) provides comprehensive, whole-person care to clients. Our care services are based on harm-minimisation and an evidence-supported approach.

DDC was developed with the aim of providing comprehensive whole-person care to patients with opioid dependence based on a harm minimisation and evidence-supported approach with particular emphasis on the most complex of patients who are unable to be adequately managed in other treatment settings.

Timely, high quality, multi-disciplinary and integrated services are provided with a focus on prevention, accessibility and quality.

Clinical & Health Psychology services include:

Specialty areas of the Clinical & Health Psychology Outpatient Clinic include anxiety disorders and depression, liaison with general practitioners and community nurses.

For community referrals, contact:

Outpatient Intake
Clinical & Health Psychology
Phone: 03 9496 4496

Constant Patient Observer Program

The Constant Patient Observation of the general hospital patient involves increased level of observation, supervision and care to promote the safety and well-being of a patient with at-risk behaviours during their admission. Assessments are conducted by the psychiatric liaison nurse.

The service is provided to the acute care areas across Austin Health to meet the increased need for constant observation of patients in the acute medical and surgical setting.


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