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Bringing joy to our littlest patients

Imagine being a child in hospital. At Christmas.

3 year-old Felix needed our help after having his first epileptic seizure - a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. He came to our Emergency Department in an ambulance and was distressed and disoriented. 

Felix needed a Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scan to help doctors see what was happening inside his brain to cause the seizures.

Read Felix's remarkable story.


You can be part of the solution...

This Christmas, we need your help to make a difference to our littlest patients, like Felix.  Together, we can turn a scary and confronting hospital stay into an experience filled with more laughter, happiness and joy. Your gift will:

Reduce stress and anxiety during MRI scans

Having an MRI scan can be stressful for young patients and sometimes they need to be sedated. The MRI Entertainment System is like television. Attached to the MRI, children watch a show during the scan. The system lessens stress and anxiety and limits the need for sedation.

Total cost: $60,000 for the MRI Entertainment System


Provide the best medicine - laughter

For our youngest patients, hospital stays can be long, filled with appointments and procedures, check ups and tests. With very little to do outside of rest, laughter can be the best medicine for our youngest patients from the Clown Doctors.

Total cost: $60,000 for weekly Clown Doctor visits

Bring soothing music to ease worry and trauma

Specially developed for children in hospital, this award-winning music system reduces anxiety, fear and stress for children in a clinical environment. Proven to help calm little minds in stressful situations.

Total cost: $2,700 for the Music System 

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