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Therapy Rooms

Therapy Rooms

The Wellness Centre has spa-like therapy rooms overlooking landscaped gardens where massage and other treatments are provided in a peaceful space.

Kitchen and Lounge

Kitchen & Lounge

Visitors to The Wellness Centre can heat up their lunch, make a coffee, relax and make themselves at home. In addition, the space is flexible to hold group sessions or demonstrations from the kitchen.

Group and Supportive Care Rooms

Group & Supportive Care Rooms

Visitors to the Wellness Centre can use the space as a private sanctuary or receive emotional support and information from trained volunteers.

The Wellness Centre includes comfortable chairs, reading material, and kitchen facilities where visitors can heat up their lunch or make a coffee, relax and make themselves at home.

Group sessions, including Support Groups, are held at the Wellness Centre, in the comfort of purpose built spaces rather than office meeting rooms.

The Wellness Centre is a tranquil retreat for patients, carers and staff set in landscaped gardens.

It has a home-like feel rather than a typical hospital setting, with therapy rooms overlooking the gardens for massage and other treatments.

Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre