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You will be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers. They will provide a concierge service, assisting patients to get to the location of their appointments and answer simple queries.

If you are attending an appointment, you will be invited to scan your appointment letter or swipe your Medicare or DVA card to indicate your arrival to the ONJCWC. This is the fastest way to show you have arrived and are ready for your appointment.

Info Lounge

Info Lounge

The Info Lounge is an informal area designed for patients and carers to relax, read and research reputable information to help them cope with the impacts cancer has on various areas of their lives, including their health, relationships, finances and activities.

The Info Lounge is staffed by a dedicated professional and volunteers offering targeted information to meet needs at specific times in a cancer journey, including survivorship. The lounge incorporates books, magazines, and brochures in conjunction with displays and supported internet browsing, with booths and iPads.

Concierge and Reception

Concierge & Reception

One of our friendly reception staff can assist you with appointments or one of our many volunteers can support you to find your way in the Centre.

Cafe and Courtyard

Café & Courtyard

A Café offers fresh coffee and refreshment. Comfortable seating is available within the Centre, at the Info Lounge, Wellness Centre or from the adjacent courtyard.

The main access to ONJCWC is from the Austin Tower Car park and into the level 3 Main Reception.

The Main Reception area includes our friendly reception staff and volunteers in addition to the Info Lounge, Café, general seating with access to the Wellness Centre and a landscaped courtyard.

Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre