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Sponsor and External Partners

For sponsors and external partners

Definition of site

Austin Health is co-located with Campus partners (Universities and Medical Research Institutes).
This forms a collaboration between scientists, researchers and health professionals and allows research to be translated into clinical care.

Austin Health is the custodian of clinical care and patients and therefore forms the “site” for our research, which means Indemnities and Research Agreements should be with Austin Health acting as the site.
Our Universities and Medical Research Institutes are the custodian of research and researcher training and therefore form the “administrating institution and/or sponsor” for our investigator initiated research. This arrangement is set out in Research Partner Principles.

For Sponsors and our Research Partners, please see below for the definition of activities covered under the auspices of Austin Health.


Austin Health is considered a site when a research project fits into one of the following criteria:

  • the research impacts directly or indirectly on Austin Health patients- inpatients or outpatients
  • Austin Health is funding the research directly
  • the project uses significant Austin Health resources
  • the research could impact on Austin Health's reputation
  • Research partners wishing to access Austin Health staff and/or patients and/or their data and/or biospecimens. This is also applicable when our Research Partners act as Sponsor/Local Sponsor/ Administering institution for grants
  • Work being conducted at any Austin Health location, including Austin Health Repatriation, Royal Talbot, and Austin Health Heidelberg are incorporated as a single site for research purposes.

Business details

Austin Health’s business details incorporate all of Austin Health’s campuses. Our business details for research agreements are

  1. Business Name & Address: Austin Health, 145 Studley Road, Heidelberg, Vic 3084
  2. ABN: 96  237  388  063
  3. Signatory: The delegated person for research agreements changes depending on the project, and type of agreement.
    Please refer to our Research Agreement Standard Operating Procedure or contact to set-up a meeting to discuss your specific needs. We encourage early engagement to avoid lengthy delays and disappointment in research start-up times.
  4. Digital Signatures: Austin Health encourages the use of Digital Signing platforms, such as Adobe Sign/DocuSign (or equivalent). Please refer to our Research Agreement Standard Operating Procedure for more information.


As part of our commitment to National Clinical Trials Framework, we are working on a streamlined feasibility process. If you have ideas, please email them to

In the meantime, please contact the relevant area of the hospital to arrange a site feasibility assessment.