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Research Ethics and Governance

About us

The Office for Research (OFR) provides administrative support to Austin Health's Ethics Committees, who are responsible for approving research projects. In addition, staff provide advice and support to researchers with their ethics applications.

All research conducted at Austin Health must receive both ethical approval by a certified Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), and governance authorisation by the Austin Health OFR before it can commence.

The Office for Research represents Austin Health as active members in a number of collaborative networks, including The Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH) Research Excellence (REx) Steering Committee.

Ethics Risk Level Definitions

To assist with determining the risk associated with your research project, please refer the definitions document found

Submission Pathway Checklist

To assist with deciphering which risk category your research project comes under, use the REx Submission Pathway Checklist.

HREC and CRRC Meeting Dates for 2021

Submission Cut Off Dates and Meeting Dates for HREC and CRRC 2021

2021 HREC and CRRC Submission and Meeting Dates