Health Innovation & Technology Space (HITS)

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Austin Health has recently opened the new Health Innovation and Technology Space (HITS). Located in the Austin Health Sciences Library, this Australian-first space is designed to encourage Austin Health staff to interact with the technology and collaborate on innovative ideas.

The ultimate aim is to improve the way we care for our patients, and the space is equipped with a range of computing and collaboration technologies including:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro devices
  • Hitachi large screen interactive monitor
  • Office 365 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure cloud-based artificial intelligence

Further capabilities will be developed over time.

Get involved

Get involved in one of our communities of practice:

  • Data Science (AI, NLP, 3D printing, etc.)
  • Digital Research Methods (REDCap, R, Python, etc.)
  • Internet of Things (patient wearable, monitoring and consumer devices/apps)
  • Health Innovation using Consumer Co-Design
  • Innovating the Business (innovation theory and practice)
  • Augmented Reality (procedural, teaching and simulation)

Book the Innovation Space

To book this collaborative work space contact the Library team on outlining your innovation or Community of Practice activity.

Staff can visit the Innovation Space anytime in the Health Sciences Library.


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