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Adult Chronic Fatigue Program

The Adult Chronic Fatigue program is currently not accepting new referrals due to Dr Rob Weller’s retirement.

Patients who have started with the program will be able to complete a modified program once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a chronic illness of unknown cause. It is characterised by the persistence of severe fatigue for 6 months or more plus a number of physical symptoms and the absence of any other medical or psychiatric conditions known to cause similar symptoms.

Associated Symptoms
Post exertional malaise, muscle and joint aches, headaches, sore throat, cervical and axillary glands, poor memory and concentration, sleep-pattern disturbance.

Although the cause is unknown, these symptoms have a real and profound effect, often resulting in significant absences from work, study and social activities.


What does the Functional Restoration Program do?

The program uses a multidisciplinary rehabilitation approach to address the impact that chronic fatigue syndrome has had on the individual from a physical, social and emotional perspective.

There is an emphasis on the participant developing skills to better manage their illness (or self-manage) through education, flexible graded exercise and cognitive behavioural therapy. The person experiencing CFS learns techniques and strategies to manage their symptoms to optimise their participation in daily life.

What happens during the program?

The CFS program is an 8 week outpatient group program. During this time, those in the program will attend:

  • Physiotherapy, Gym and Hydrotherapy
  • Psychology Group
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Yoga / Relaxation
  • Dietetics, as required
  • Education in "Better Health Self-Management"
  • Regular medical reviews
  • Referral and Follow Up

Further Information

For further information regarding the program, or to discuss a referral, please contact:

Phone: 03 9490 7516

Clinical and Health Psychologist
Phone: 03 9490 7563

Occupational Therapist
Phone: 03 9490 7928


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