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Acquired Brain Injury Unit

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The acquired brain injury unit is a 14 bed statewide inpatient rehabilitation service for people with an acquired brain injury. An acquired brain injury can result from a number of causes, including; traumatic brain injury; hypoxia; stroke; and infections. Patients referred to this service have complex cognitive and behavioural difficulties requiring specialised management in a secure environment.

Our program

The ABI unit provides intensive rehabilitation using a multidisciplinary ‘neurobehavioral' approach. Patients admitted to the service participate in comprehensive team assessments to identify strengths and areas requiring intervention. Information and advice is provided to patients and their families, to assist them to understand the changes following an acquired brain injury, and to help plan for the future. Therapy programs are developed in collaboration with patients and their families and are regularly reviewed. Staff work with patients to set realistic goals, with an emphasis on assisting patients to resume previous life roles. Treatment is frequently carried out in the patient's home and community in order to facilitate the transition from hospital to home. Family and friends are encouraged to be an active part of the person's rehabilitation by participating in therapy sessions.

Patients have single rooms with shared dining and lounge facilities. The unit has a strong focus on outdoor activities, including a comprehensive horticulture therapy program. Patients can also access programs such as art therapy, music therapy, woodworking, gymnasium, hydrotherapy and leisure services.


The Victorian ABI Rehabilitation Services at  Austin Health & Alfred Health are state-wide services that provide rehabilitation for people with an ABI. The services accept referrals for patients with an ABI from traumatic and non traumatic causes (hypoxic, stroke, other non- progressive causes).
This form is to be used by health professionals to refer to the Victorian ABI Rehabilitation Services at Alfred Health (Caulfield Hospital) or Austin Health (Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre) only. For routine referrals to subacute rehabilitation please follow the usual subacute referral processes. If you are not sure where a patient is best referred please contact your local subacute rehabilitation assessment service first.

The two Victorian ABI Rehabilitation Services will work closely together to determine the most suitable service to assess the patient and the most suitable bed for the patient. Both services accept public patients and Caulfield Hospital also has services for severely injured compensable TAC/ VWA patients. Please note: Only Caulfield Hospital can accept referrals for patients with tracheostomies.Referrers will be contacted within 1 business day of receipt of referral. More information may be sought to determine suitability of the patient and where further assessment of the patient is required by the ABI Rehabilitation Service this will occur within 3 business days to determine an outcome.

Contact for referrals at Austin Health:

Sue Pizzolato
(03) 9490 7622

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