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The Surgery Centre

About The Surgery Centre

Based at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, The Surgery Centre offers a radical departure from the traditional model of elective surgery health care. It separates short stay elective surgery from emergency surgery and complex elective work.

At The Surgery Centre patients get their surgery on the day it is booked. The centre treats up to 5000 patients waiting for surgical and endoscopic procedures each year, in addition to those treated at the Austin Hospital. Low to medium acuity patients who require day surgery or an inpatient bed of up to 72 hours are the target cohort.

The centre complements the recent redevelopment of the Surgery and Endoscopy Centre at the Austin Hospital.  At present, Austin Health treats 20,000 patients through the Surgery and Endoscopy Centre each year. This new stand alone centre at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, has increased the number of patients treated and significantly improved patient access to elective surgery.

The Surgery Centre includes:

  • four operating theatres which have been refurbished and modernised, and will contain new, up to date surgical equipment
  • two endoscopy suites
  • a spacious 8-10 bay recovery unit
  • a 12 bed short-stay ward where the warm, natural colours chosen promote comfort and well-being
  • diagnostics


Procedures performed include: endoscopy; urology; breast surgery; general surgery; vascular surgery; orthopaedic surgery; brachytherapy; gynaecology; plastics and opthamology.