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Older Veterans Psychiatry Program

The Older Veterans Psychiatry Program (OVPP) is an integrated,- Plaque PTV
multidisciplinary specialist service available to entitled veterans and
war widows 60 years of age and over, experiencing mental health difficulties.

Central to the OVPP is a Day Hospital located at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, which provides thorough psychiatric assessment and appropriate ongoing treatment by a full multidisciplinary team. Treatment includes pharmacotherapy, counselling, and psychological symptom management.

PTSD Program for Older Veterans

Many older veterans recall their war experience as a horrific, frightening nightmare. Many of these veterans are living with
PTSD, which causes difficulties for the individual and
family members. Often, such difficulties increase in older age in response to the stress of ill health, decreased physical mobility, loneliness and isolation.

Since 1996, the OVPP has provided an accredited Day Program specifically designed to address, treat, and alleviate the effects of PTSD on the individual and their family. The OVPP PTSD Program was featured on the ABC program Compass in 2006, entitled Walking Wounded.

Referrals can be made specifically for the OVPP PTSD Program or for assessment of PTSD and suitability for the Program.

Rehabilitation Workgroup

The Rehabilitation Workgroup provides industrial and rehabilitation therapy to older veterans and war widows. The group also provides a venue for socialisation as well as support for the development of healthy lifestyles.

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