Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Specialty services

Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory (CCL)

The CCL is a specialised area directed by the Cardiology Department. The CCL nursing staff accredited with their Advanced Cardiac Life Support are rotated to work in our Cardiology Day Procedure Unit, our Echo Cardiology Lab, and the pre, peri, and post procedure care of our patients, within the two labs.

Though primarily a day procedure area the CCL also provides a 24hour, 7 day per week "on call" service for emergency cardiology procedures. The many and varied procedures performed within the CCL includes Diagnostic Coronary Angiography, stent placement, cardiac biopsy and many more.

Regular in-service, meetings, lectures and discussions, research and papers are available. Full training and orientation given to both new and experienced CCL staff.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Five - Ward 5 North.

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Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

CCU consists of 6 acute and 4 procedural beds.  This dynamic unit is staffed mostly by critical/cardiac care (CC) qualified nurses, and post-basic (CC) students.  The unit provides for the care and management of patients with a wide diversity of cardiac related health problems.  The unit prides itself on its patient centred, holistic, model of care, with cardiac rehabilitation and health education representing an integral part of the nursing role. The unit provides a comprehensive nursing education and professional development program.  A post-graduate ‘Intensive Cardiac Nursing Course’ is run in conjunction with La Trobe University, and offers a graduate certificate articulating with Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Five - Ward 5 East.

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Cardiac Surgery - Cardiology

16-bed unit specialising in cardiac care containing a four-bed High Dependency Unit and 12-bed telemetry facility.

Treating cardiac medical patients with conditions such as AMIs, heart failure, pacemaker insertions, electro-physiology studies and cardiac surgery patients post coronary artery bypass grafts, valve replacement/repair and aortic repair

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Five - Ward 5 East.

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Thoracic Medicine & Surgery

A Respiratory Ward, which includes a High Dependency Unit, the Victorian Ventilation Weaning Unit, the Victorian Respiratory Support Service as well as a Sleep laboratory.

This ward has a supportive ongoing education environment, which include professional development and clinical support using the assistance of a Clinical Nurse Educator.  It has a team of committed Associate Nurse Unit Managers, Clinical Support Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Grade 2s, graduate nurses and undergraduate/refresher/re-entry students providing quality patient focused care for respiratory conditions.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Five - Ward 5 West.

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Excellent standard of care to patients with acute stroke, epilepsy and a wide range of neurological disorders. Within the ward is a comprehensive epilepsy video-monitoring unit and a high dependency acute stroke care unit. The ward provides a supportive environment for on-going professional and educational development. A comprehensive in-service education program and a post-graduate Certificate / Diploma in Nursing – Neuroscience.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level 6 - Ward 6 East.

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Neurosurgery & Vascular

We are a 28-bed acute inpatient facility incorporating a 4-bed Neurosurgical High Dependency Unit specialising in the care of acutely ill and post -operative patients.

The ward cares predominantly for patients undergoing all aspects of vascular surgery and Neurosurgery with minor specialties including facio-maxillary, ophthalmology and ENT. We have a large referral base from Metropolitan Melbourne, Country Victoria, Interstate, New Zealand and Indonesia.

The unit has a philosophy which focuses on staff education, support / development and quality patient care. We boast supportive, experienced staff and an affiliated post-graduate neuroscience course with a dedicated Course Coordinator. A unit based Clinical Support and Resource Nurse, ensures abundant opportunities for professional and clinical development are available.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level 6 - Ward 6 West.

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