Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Medical & Emergency

Paediatric Adolescent Unit

The Paediatric and Adolescent ward is a 12- bed facility admitting medical and surgical patients between the ages of two weeks and eighteen years.

A comprehensive service is offered for children from the following units:

  •     Neurology
  •     Neurosurgery
  •     Orthopaedics
  •     Plastic Surgery
  •     Gastroenterology
  •     Endocrinology
  •     Ear Nose and Throat
  •     Acute Spinal
  •     Facial Maxillary
  •     Paediatric Surgery
  •     Paediatric Medical

Included in the paediatric medical admissions are patients with Anorexia Nervosa who are medically unstable and patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are admitted for rehabilitation.

Parents are allowed to stay with their children, to minimise the emotional stress of the child.

We encourage professional development for all our staff.  We have self-rostering and a very creative roster to meet the needs of the nursing staff and the unit.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Two.

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Central Dialysis Unit

CDU is a 12-point acute haemodialysis and plasma exchange unit offering experience in a wide variety of extracorporeal therapies. We have regular in-services and training for new staff members.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Seven - Ward 7 North.

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Renal Unit

The renal ward cares for patients with all aspects of renal failure including peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis and transplantation. Patients are admitted with many different issues, including vascular access problems, acute renal failure, chronic renal failure and many complications. The ward provides an exciting mix of medical, surgical and palliative care nursing together with specialties such as  "hypertension and toxicology".  We offer a certificate in renal nursing, ongoing education and excellent support systems.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level Seven - Ward 7 North.

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Acute Medical

7 East & 7 West are two 32 bed acute medical ward’s, located beside each other in the new Austin Tower. Patients admitted under all General Medical Units. Patient admissions are predominantly the Emergency Department, Intensive Care, High Dependency Unit and Coronary Care.

Each ward has 10 of the 32-beds allocated as Medical Assessment & Planning beds (MAPU). MAPU is a specialised area where all general medical patients admitted via the emergency department come for 48 hours. During this time these patients are fully assessed and a plan of care is devised and commenced by the nursing, medical, allied health, care coordinator, aged care and palliative care staff. By definition MAPU is a high acuity unit, which facilitates rapid turnover and early discharge of general medical patients.

Both wards pride themselves on quality patient care delivery and a commitment to the retention and professional development of our dynamic staff. The development of a Post Graduate Diploma in Acute Medical Nursing is currently in the planning phase, which is anticipated to be available for enrolment in 2007.

The nursing staff are supported by an orientation / preceptorship programme for all new nurses to the unit, a full time clinical support nurse for all graduates and a full time clinical teacher.

Dialysis Training Unit - PANCH Health Services

Dialysis Training Unit (DTU) provides haemodialysis for community-based patients at the PANCH Health Services.  It has a focus of training for dialysis patients so they can manage their care at home. The Unit is open each day except for Sundays. We have flexible rostering and a committed team within a multidisciplinary environment. Nurses in DTU provide additional support and education for patients established on haemodialysis at home via on call and domiciliary visits. The area also has responsibility to patients in regional based satellite units, and the education of regional staff in conjunction with the Renal Clinical Educator, facilitating ongoing opportunity to further develop skills.

Epping Dialysis Unit - Community based

Epping Dialysis Unit (EDU) opened January 28th, 2003 and is part of the Nephrology Department of the Clinical Service Unit (CSU) of specialist Medicine and Emergency. EDU is a community based 16-chair satellite Haemodialysis facility, which has been purpose built to provide a service to patients with end-stage real failure whom require treatment three times a week for a minimum of four hours each session.  It primarily caters for patients residing in the rapidly expanding Northern precinct of Melbourne.  It operates six days a week, currently dialysing 36 patients with the capacity to dialyse 64 of which we anticipate to reach by 2008."

North East Kidney Service (NEKS)- Community Based

The NorthEast Kidney Service provides outpatient haemodialysis treatment. We manage forty-eight chronic renal failure patients per week. NEKS is part of the Department of Nephrology of Austin Health, and rotation between the renal areas is available. Training is available for new staff. NEKS is located 6 kms from the main hospital campus. Tram and rail services are within walking distance.

Repatriation Dialysis Unit (RDU)

The Repatriation Dialysis Unit (RDU) provides haemodialysis for community based nursing home and rehabilitation patients on the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.  RDU is a step down satellite dialysis facility.  It dialyses 16 - 18 patients per shift.  The Unit is open each day except for Sundays. It has access for disabled and ambulance transport patients. The unit offers a postgraduate renal program with a clinical educator and clinical support nurse across the various dialysis centers and the Renal Ward. We encourage further professional development for all our nurses; we have flexible rostering and a committed team within a multidisciplinary environment.

All units are involved in the postgraduate renal program with a clinical educator and clinical support nurse across the various dialysis centers and the Renal Ward. Further professional development for all our nurses is encouraged.

Located at the Heidelberg repatraition Hospital - Building Nine.

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Emergency Department

This progressive Emergency Department services approximately 47,000 patients per annum and can provide exposure to a full range of complex presentations, including trauma, spinal, paediatric, psychiatric, surgical and medical conditions.  Our new department is spacious and modern, offering the best facilities for both patients and staff.

We offer full educational support for new and inexperienced staff, provided by an educator and 2 clinical support nurses.  Comprehensive orientation and supernumerary days, as well as educational sessions dedicated to junior staff are provided.

We also offer post graduate education in Emergency Nursing -a combined adult /paediatric graduate diploma course run in conjunction with Melbourne University and the Royal Children's Hospital, and an adult certificate course in conjunction with RMIT.

Located in the Austin Tower - Level One.

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