Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Cancer, Spinal & Outpatients

Cannulation & Apheresis Treatment Services (CATS)

The CATS department offers a specialist range of services within the hospital. These include Apheresis, PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) & midline insertion, peripheral intravenous cannulation to ward areas & autologous blood collection. CAT’s staff also provides education & support to patients, relatives, nursing & medical staff in their areas of expertise. In-service education & cannulation workshops are also provided.

Located at the Austin Hospital – Heidelberg House - Ground Floor.

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Day Oncology Unit

Provides holistic care to patients and relatives throughout diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Assist education of patients to be fully informed enabling them to maintain control and make informed decisions. Day Oncology is an area where chemotherapy and education is given by Clinical Nurse Consultants then the patients and relatives or carers return to their own home. Patients have the option of Allied Health input, which includes social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, pharmacy, chaplaincy, dietician, community supports and meditation.

Located at the Austin Hospital – Heidelberg House - Ground Floor.

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Acute Oncology / Haematology Units

The acute oncology / haematology inpatient units at Austin Health consist of a total of 39 beds, caring for patients with all types of malignancies. The service provides comprehensive cancer management across the entire continuum of care. Our team provides a friendly multidisciplinary working environment with genuine, supportive staff that values your input. A post basic course in Oncology/Palliative Care Nursing is offered, with choice in Acute Oncology or Palliative Care Streams available.

Located in Wards 5 & 6A - Austin Hospital - Heidelberg House - First & Second Floors.

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Palliative Care Consultancy Service

This service accepts referrals from Austin Health Oncology and Non-Oncology Departments to assist ongoing management and continuing care of patients with a life threatening illness and support of their family/carers. Comprehensive assessments and consultation aim to ensure optimal management of pain, other symptoms and any psychosocial distress. We strongly support patient advocacy, informed decision-making, respecting patient choices and quality of life.

Palliative Care Unit (PCU)

The palliative care unit is a 20-bed inpatient facility committed to providing comprehensive care for patients with a life threatening illness and also to the support of their families. We provide control of pain and other symptoms, respite and end of life care. This is achieved with a dynamic interdisciplinary team. We liaise with domiciliary palliative care services to facilitate patient’s return to their home environment when ever possible. A post basic course in Oncology/Palliative Care Nursing is offered, with choice in Acute Oncology or Palliative Care Streams available.

Located at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital - Flanders Wing - Third Floor.

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Radiotherapy Unit

This small dynamic nursing department provides a wide range of nursing services to patients attending the Radiation Oncology Centre. The Centre has two linear accelerators, a high dose rate brachytherapy machine and provides full Radiation Oncology Services. The Centre has also recently set up a single machine department at Ballarat (Country-Victoria approx 1 hour’s drive from Melbourne). Nursing services provided include education of patient’s family and friends, management of acute side effects, liaison with other departments/services and supportive care.

Staff are also actively involved in clinical product evaluation & development of hospital standards.

Located at the Radiation Oncology Centre - Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital.

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Victorian Spinal Cord Service

The Victorian Spinal Cord Service (VSCS) is a major statewide service and one of only six specialist spinal services in Australia. We provide acute, rehabilitation and community based services for people who sustain traumatic and selected non-traumatic spinal cord injuries in Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW. The VSCS provides continuous care from notification of injury, acute care, and rehabilitation to community follow up.

VSCS outpatient services include specialty clinics:

  •     Fertility
  •     Sexuality and Sexual Function
  •     Pain
  •     Posture & Pressure
  •     Gait

Acute Spinal Injuries Unit

The acute unit operates 24 beds providing treatment for:

  •     patients in the acute phase of a traumatic SCI
  •     patients who have developed complications of spinal cord injury requiring re-hospitalization
  •     patients requiring specialist elective surgery

The unit can cater for patients with spinal cord injuries who require long-term ventilation. Enhance your career with highly valued skills and experience in:

  •     Multi disciplinary team work
  •     Respiratory care, including ventilator management
  •     Neurogenic bladder & bowel management
  •     Dealing with family & psychological issues
  •     Trauma nursing
  •     Surgical nursing
  •     Discharge planning & community networking
  •     Community education
  •     Patient & family education

Located in the Austin Hospital Tower - Level 3 - Ward 3 North.

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Spinal Rehabilitation Facility

The Spinal Rehabilitation Facility is a purpose built 20 - 24-bed unit supported by specialist therapy areas, gymnasium, hydrotherapy pool and transitional accommodation. The facility provides rehabilitation services for people who have sustained traumatic and selected non-traumatic spinal cord injuries. Our nursing staff is a vital part of the multi-disciplinary team working together with patients and their family to facilitate optimal outcomes in their transition back to life in the community. Nurses have a particular focus on patient education and the support of families and other carers. The purpose built facility, our supportive nursing team, and supernumerary orientation time for new staff and ongoing educational support, make this a great environment to work in. 

Career opportunities include:
  •     Advancement to senior nursing positions
  •     Community nursing
Career enhancements:

    Highly valued skills and experience in:

  •           Discharge planning
  •           Bladder & bowel management
  •           Skin management
  •           Community networking
  •           Primary nursing

The skills you will further develop while nursing in the VSCS will form an effective gateway to most other fields. It can truly be said that the diverse set of skills of the spinal experienced nurse can be successfully applied in almost any other setting.

In addition, Nurses within the VSCS are supported by the Centre’s “No lift policy” which sees the use of hoists for all patients’ lifts.

The VSCS also run a tertiary accredited Graduate Diploma, in Spinal Cord Injury Nursing.

Located at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre.

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Outpatients Department

Our Outpatients service is a collective of many medical specialties, which are continually emerging to respond to the changing patterns of disease and the available means to treat them. Health services are provided in a teaching, training and research environment. Approximately 150,000 health consultations occur each year. The Outpatients Department utilises other health disciplines to maximise the overall management of a person’s health in the presence of given medical diagnoses. Nurses undertake highly skilled and stimulating work in areas such as in ENT, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dermatology, orthopaedics and gynaecology. The role of nursing in Outpatients is presently preparing itself for review and redevelopment. We are planning a greater nursing focus on direct patient care, through assessment and psychosocial support, in our medical clinics. Nursing positions include Divisions 1 and 2, as well as Clinical Nurse Specialists and Associate Nurse Unit Managers. There are ongoing opportunities offered for on-site clinical updating and off-site learning. As well, nurses are encouraged to participate in portfolios and projects in such as areas as Quality Improvement, Designing Care, Occupational Health and Safety and Infection Control. Outpatients offer diversity of patient care and clinical focus.

It is well suited to Nurses who seek work on a 9:00-5:00, weekday basis.

Located at the Austin Hospital – Level 3 Harold Stokes Block & at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital – Ground Floor - Tobruk Building.

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